To Every Woman Who Is Tired of Being Invisible…

Be Confident. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Let Your Light Shine Through With Our Simple 21 Step Style Makeover

(No Matter What Your Size, Age or Budget!)

Is your style slowing you down?

A lot of us women in the over 40 age bracket share a dirty little secret.
We silently suffer from a GIGANTIC disconnect.
On the inside, we are energetic, healthy and young—at the top of our game.
But on the outside, we barely recognize that frumpy woman in the mirror…
And more often than we’d like to admit, we feel invisible when we walk into a room.
We WANT to reconnect our confident, beautiful inner selves with the outside…but we aren’t totally sure HOW.

Can You Relate?
Do any of these situations or feelings sound familiar to you? Do you…

Suffer in silence with low self-confidence because you haven’t figured out to put your best foot forward when it comes to style?

Feel like a frump on the outside (even if you feel fabulous on the inside?)

Barely recognize your body and are confused how to style yourself given your new shape?

Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Worry you don’t have the time or money to look good ever again—and just want to look your best in an EASY, HASSLE-FREE way?

Tire of following archaic fashion rules about what you are ‘supposed’ to wear at your age?

I was there!

The reason I’m even talking about this is because I’VE BEEN THERE and FELT ALL THOSE THINGS!

My sense of style has not always been perfect.

I was born cross eyed which always made me feel different and insecure about my looks. To be honest, for years I just kind of gave up on my appearance before I even started…

In my early 20s, thanks to the prodding of a boyfriend, I suddenly realized that my eyes—even if they weren’t perfect—were still part of me.

And that I should no longer hide.

That one shift in my thinking changed everything. I started to dress better, I looked great and I felt better. My romantic and my work life took off… It was the first time I made the connection between self-confidence and style.

Fast forward to my 30s and I moved to Australia with my husband. I immersed myself in my new life as an entrepreneur working from home.

I started to forget about myself and no longer put much effort into my looks.

After I had my son, my style got even sloppier.

But you know what I started to notice?

The less I paid attention to my appearance, the more I started to feel bad about myself.


I didn’t feel feminine or pretty or confident.

This all came to a head when we moved to Singapore.
My sloppy appearance, in a place where the dress code is more stylish, stood out like a sore thumb.

I remember going to a party wearing an old backpack and looking around to see all the other women with their beautiful handbags.

I felt like a fool.

I decided right then and right there it was time to look after myself again.

I started slow. I bought a few pieces of jewelry and a handbag or two. I began to style my hair. I played with textures and different cuts of clothes.

It wasn’t too long before people started to notice.

I felt beautiful….confident.

The better I looked, the more people reacted positively to me which just served to grow my self-confidence and I entered a self-affirming virtuous circle.

Through these experiences, I have learned that clothes are not ‘just’ a superficial, unimportant detail.

My style—(just like YOURS!) is a reflection of who we are on the inside…our state of mind, our spirit, our attitude and our dreams.

And when we neglect our appearance, we neglect ourselves, our happiness and our potential.

Understanding my style literally transformed my life. And I know it can transform yours too. It is that knowledge that inspired me to create 40+ Style.

Because I believe—no matter what our size or our age or our budget—we all deserve to look and feel the very best.

Why Style Is Important Outside (And In)

We have heard it 1000 times.


People ‘size us up’ in seconds… not minutes.

The right style says who you are without you having to speak. Think of it as your signature… your stamp of Self-Expression.

But style is not only important because it sends a message to others.

Style is also important because of the message it sends to ourselves!

When you look good, you feel good.

(And unfortunately, the inverse is true. When you look bad, you feel bad!)

When your clothes truly reflect the utterly beautiful, infinitely complex, ‘so much to give’ you…

You Feel Empowered.

No matter how old or tall or fat or thin you are, cultivating your personal style is an act of self-respect and self-love.

Style gives us self-confidence, the greatest gift of all.

…But How Do I Figure Out The Personal Style That Works for Me?

HOW exactly do you create a style that matches your unique beauty inside?

While it might seem bewildering or complicated, it really doesn’t have to be!
In fact, it is actually REALLY easy…

The way I found my own personal style (and you can too) is by tapping into 3 things:
1) A Simple System
2) A bit of Self-Knowledge
3) A few Strategic Tactics

In as little as 21 steps (which we spread out over just 2 months!) you can change it all.

21 Steps To A More Stylish You
A simple on-line self-learning program to help you get the stunning look you’ve always wanted!
The course is delivered to you in 21 easy-to-follow Master Classes complete with video and exercises.
Each lesson focuses on a single topic so you can create your SIGNATURE STYLE — one step at a time.
No matter how time-starved you might be, you will see results quickly and easily.
For A Very Special Woman
This IS NOT a course to teach you about the latest fashion trends for Size 0 models who line the Paris catwalks.
This IS a program designed for women over the age of 40 who long to look their best but don’t know exactly how.
How It Works
The 21 steps course material is segmented into 5 phases:
In this phase, you will pinpoint your unique style personality as well as identify your body type and lifestyle needs
Next, we will dig deeper into your ideal style, learn about the concept of silhouette and discover how to use the right proportions and colors.
In the third phase, we will create your ideal wardrobe by learning how to mix & match to achieve the right balance.
Complete your style with ‘just the right’ finishing touches such as shoes, jewelry and other accessories.
In this final phase, we put it all together (including your makeup and hairstyle) so you can truly own your unique signature style.

Each lesson has a video with a suggested assignment (optional but recommended). You have LIFETIME ACCESS to all 21 steps and the bonuses. That means you can take your time to master the concepts of style and look amazing for years to come!  

The Answer To All Your Style Questions…

21 Steps To A More Stylish You will help you…
  • Embrace your signature style with genuine self-confidence
  • Identify your style personality and body type so you will never wonder again what to choose when it comes to clothes
  • Decide what should stay and what needs to go in your closet
  • Discover the essentials of unique style and learn how to apply them
  • Apply the golden ratio and silhouette formulas so you always look amazing
  • Learn how to mix and match your outfits like a pro
  • Use the right colors, textures and prints so you always dazzle
  • Transform your style with accessories (even if you’re on a budget!)
  • Determine the best hairstyle for your face shape
  • And MUCH MORE!

What Previous Participants Are Saying

What Makes 21 Steps Different?

Here are 5 reasons why 21 Steps is unique:

We reject rules

Since each of us is unique, applying a blanket set of fashion rules in a ‘one size fits all’ way doesn’t make sense. Instead, we give you style guidelines that you can then apply to your own circumstances.

We leave no style stone unturned

From picking your style personality, to choosing the right colors or hairstyle—our course covers all elements of style.

We pursue PERSONAL style!

We don’t teach you the latest fashion trends. Instead we help you create your own signature style.

We care about CONFIDENCE

The whole goal is for you to dress in a way that makes you feel great about yourself. Every. Single. Day.

We help you learn by doing

From picking your style personality, to choosing the right colors or hairstyle—our course covers all elements of style.

We encourage

We give you LIFETIME ACCESS to the course which means you can take it as many times as you want. Mastery comes with intentional repetition. We make that easy with unlimited access.

Sylvia & Ruth are your guides

We look
after you

A cornerstone of 21 Steps is our extraordinary customer care. We bend over backwards to ensure you have the absolute BEST experience and that you have no problem  accessing the course.

Sylvia & Ruth are your guides

Hi I’m Sylvia!

I'm the founder and creator of and the 21 Steps style course.

My style training has already helped thousands of women over 40 reignite their style (not to mention their lives!)

I have joined forces with Ruth, a professional image consultant, who will take you through the 21 steps with me.

Ruth and I are not about creating a ‘Red Carpet’ look.

Instead we cater to the everyday woman looking to create an easy-to-implement signature style so you can look and feel fabulous every single day.

Think of us as the style ‘wind beneath your wings’—we’ve got your back!

Your Fashion Facelift (At an Affordable Price)

Wondering what the investment for this course will be?

Let’s first review once again what you will get.

#1 21 video Master Classes that will cover every single aspect of style ($997 Value)

#2 Exercises that help you ‘do’ as you learn

#3 Clear GUIDELINES and examples so you can understand the right clothes, colors, and fabrics to choose for you. (PRICELESS)

#4 A true understanding of your body, style personality, lifestyle and preference (PRICELESS)

#5 Confidence! (PRICELESS)

PLUS when you purchase, you automatically get these VALUABLE bonuses:

BONUS 1:  Silhouettes & the golden ratio ($97 value)

A big concern a lot of women have is that they are too "big" to be stylish - but fortunately nothing could be farther from the truth...

Our Advanced Silhoutte training which uses the rule of thirds will ensure you look amazing NO MATTER what your size!

Using the rule of thirds will:

• Make you look taller

• Make you look slimmer

• Create an overall flattering silhouette that is modern and youthful.

Applying the rule of thirds is not difficult to do at all and understanding this rule will lift your style game 100%. Small changes can make a big difference!

Bonus 2: Advanced color training ($97 value)

Color can make or break an outfit so it's important to get this part of your style right.

With this bonus you will get access to 2 of our most advanced color courses which is in addition to the step on color already in the course.

Discover the best colors for you, your contrast level, your best neutral and learn how to combine colors!

BONUS 3: Makeup & grooming course ($97 value)

If we take good care of our skin and enhance our beauty with natural looking makeup, we are sending the message that we are vibrant, beautiful women ready to take life on.

In this premium style training you will turn your attention away from clothing and set the groundwork for beauty by creating a daily skincare regimen.

Choose the option that suits you best

21 Steps + bonuses

Self-study option


21 lessons + videos

Bonus: Create the perfect silhouette

Bonus: Advanced makeup

Bonus: Advanced color courses

Bonus: sensational selfie guide

Lifetime access

21 Steps VIP

Get Sylvia's support


Everything from 21 steps + bonuses

6 private 1:1 online coaching / styling sessions

Get questions answered between calls through the Ask Sylvia section

Access ALL programs I've ever created (this includes programs on color, confidence, weight management, decluttering and tapping into your true potential)



And feel like your best self....

Are you ready to…?

  • Find your Signature Style?
  • Feel better about your body and yourself?
  • Have more confidence?
  • Open your closet and ALWAYS have something ‘just right’ to wear?
  • Stop wasting your money on clothes that aren’t right for you?
  • Or do you want to simply stay stuck in your style rut and continue to wear the ‘same old’ clothes?

21 Steps to A More Stylish You will not only change your style, it will change how you feel about yourself. FOREVER.
If you are ready to look as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside, you will want to join our class.

How the course helped
these women!

Personal style stories from Ellen & Jamie

"Here is my before and after photo of how my style acumen has changed through the course and Sylvia's inspiration.

I'm finally learning to embrace my personal style, and know what looks good and doesn't, and then make educated decisions on what I wear."


"Style metamorphosis! My picture on the left was my idea of adding color to my wardrobe. A big Oops on the warm brown capris, the white t-shirt which cut me in half and the warm orange bag and scarf.

I could not have explained to you at the time why this outfit did not work.

I feel like Sylvia and Ruth have taught us the “why” of style, not just what to wear.

I’m excited for the next phase."



Choose the option that suits you best

21 Steps + bonuses

Self-study option


21 lessons + videos

Bonus: Create the perfect silhouette

Bonus: Advanced makeup

Bonus: Advanced color courses

Bonus: sensational selfie guide

Lifetime access

21 Steps VIP

Get Sylvia's support


Everything from 21 steps + bonuses

6 private 1:1 online coaching / styling sessions

Get questions answered between calls through the Ask Sylvia section

Access ALL programs I've ever created (this includes programs on color, confidence, weight management, decluttering and tapping into your true potential)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is this course conducted?

The course is fully online and you get access to it immediately. I recommend you take one step every few days. In each step you can do optional assignments which help you get clarity on your style. 

Q. will I get feedback on looks and assignments?

The lifetime option of this course ($297) is completely self-study. However, if you choose the VIP option, you will get personal coaching / styling sessions with me (online) and you can send me pictures for feedback in between sessions.

Q. Will I have to buy any new clothes?

It’s really up to you! We recommend first going through the course which will give you clarity about your unique style and the type of clothes which best suit you. At the end of the course, you will create an action plan which could very well include filling some ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe. If that is the case, you might want to go shopping! The good news is that you will shop with intention and know exactly what to buy.

Q. I'm 60 already, is that too old?

Absolutely not! Women of all ages have taken this course and benefited from it. Whether you are 40 or 100, you are warmly welcome!

Q. I'm worried about this course because it’s online and I’m not very technical. Will I run into problems?

No worries! We have kept the site super simple and easy to navigate. All you have to do is login with your user name and password which you will get soon after you are signing up (within 5 min).
Having said all of that, if you ever do run into troubles, you can reach out to us and our team will be happy to answer any technical questions you might have.

Q. Do I have to be on Facebook?

The 21 Steps course is a self-learning online course with its own dedicated website, which does not require you to be on Facebook. There is no private group for this course. You will go through this course at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.

Q. In what currency is the price?

All quoted prices are in US$

Q. What happens after I paid?

You will get a welcome email with details about the course. If you are new to our programs site, you will also receive an additional email with your user name and password. If you can’t find the email(s), please check your Junk Mail folder or send a note to our team at [email protected]. You will receive the email(s) within 5 minutes of signing up and can access the complete program immediately. 

Q. What is your refund policy?

You only get results from any program if you are committed to it. If you're doing the exercises and implement the suggestions in this program, your life will be changed. However, if you feel that this isn't the right program for you, you can request a full refund within 14 days. Just send us an email with your request.

Q. How Much Time Will I Need To Devote To This Course?

We understand that you are busy. That’s why we have broken down our courses into bite-sized pieces…focusing on one aspect of style at a time. This makes it really easy to manage time-wise. I recommend doing one step every 1-3 days. Videos are maximum 15 minutes long so it doesn't take you long to go through each lesson. 

Q. Should I Wait To Lose All My Excess Weight Before Joining?

A lot of us keep ‘waiting’ for our bodies to be at a certain weight before ‘fixing’ our wardrobe. You can wait to buy new clothes until you have lost those last pesky 5 (or 50!) pounds. But you might wait forever.

If you're on a weight loss journey, it's extra important to feel good about yourself and feel happy in your clothes. It will be so much easier to lose the weight.

However, if you want to also go on a weight loss journey at the same time, you can take advantage of our program Lose 10 pounds which will be included if you choose the VIP option. 

Q. Is This Course Just Going To Teach Me About Expensive Fashion Trends?

The 21 Steps is a practical course to help you find your personal style. It's not about fashion. We don’t teach extreme fashion or share fashion tips that work only for super skinny bodies. (Frankly, that’s just not the real world).

Instead, we will give you a host of practical, easy-to-implement strategies to up level your unique look-even if you are working with a shoestring budget.

21 Steps is a wonderful course. There is so much good material. 21 steps helped me better understand all the elements that went make up style. The assignments for each section were very helpful in thinking through what works for you as an individual. 21 steps has enabled me to be a more “conscious” dresser. The art of personal adornment should not be something we hate or dread, it should be fun.

This course was fun!

Still have questions?

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime here.